To guarantee the successful implementation of an Environmental Management System (EMS), a commitment from the top management of the Organisation is necessary. The ‘’Environmental Policy’’ defines the principles of action that should be adopted by the Organisation to attain its objectives and environmental goals.

Hence, the ‘’Environmental Policy’’ of Almada City Council (ACC) for its EMS is based on a strategic guideline. The guideline was approved as part of the ‘Annual Options of the Plan’ for the Municipality and ratified by the Municipal Assembly: ‘‘To defend and improve public service, valuing the input of employees’’. It further establishes:

“To defend the management of Public Service, modernizing its infrastructures and investing in human resources. Promoting the efficiency of services towards an integrated environmental management system, Almada will continue to improve its public action and environmental performance as part of local development.”

According to the methodology adopted for Almada’s EMAS, a pilot project was initially developed to introduce an EMS in the Wastewater Treatment Plant of Quinta da Bomba. In this context, Almada’s Water and Wastewater Services established their “Environmental Policy of the Wastewater Treatment Department.

Following the development of the system, the Environmental Policy of the ACC” and the “Environmental Policy of Almada’s Water and Wastewater Services”, have meanwhile been defined.